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Allow me to Guide You ...

Meeting someone new does come with some nerves but also alot of excitement. Life's too short to over think it which is why I personally wrote this guide to ease your mind in anticipation on our first date and what to expect.

Booking Enquiry

When engaging the initial contact with me its always best to included details such as your name, the duration of the time you would like to spend together, your preference of girlfriend/pornstar booking and if you would like incall (Audrina's place) or outcall (your place)
Any other details are always great to add into the initial enquiry, this makes it easier for both of us that we are on the same page.

A small deposit and/or identification may be requested which is also quiet standard throughout seeing women in Australia and also Audrina's process.

Enquires that are very vague or with no information dont entice me to reply when a high volume of enquires are taken.

Stand out from the rest, first impressions matter

First Date

Once your invited to my place I will greet you wearing the outfit you 
requested or my personal favourite sexy lingerie. I always ensure your comfortable and ask if you would like a beverage.   (I make amazing cocktails)

I always dress impeccably and discreet with yes you guessed it alot of class. I will 
contact you once I have arrived at your residence or hotel and ensure our meeting place is discreet to avoid any interruptions.

Place the unsealed envelope with my donation on the counter in view or hand it to me discreetly on arrival. Please never make a woman insinuate to settle the funds.

We will then get to know each other and chat. (ill never ask you personal questions)

I will kindly invite you to take a shower or freshen up in the bathroom. I have all toiletries for you and will always encourage you to use them. 

Once we have enjoyed our time together we can share a hot soapy shower together before our date comes to an end.

I love hearing from you after our date so a cute txt is a nice way to show your appreciation and we can plan our next rendezvous...

Note: I will never initiate contact first unless you have for your privacy


I love seeing Male+Female and Male+Male couples. Its exciting when exploring that new sexual adventure together with your partner and living out your wild or tame fantasy's. 
Prior to me arriving to your hotel/residence enjoying a drink together is a great way to start to unwind for the sexual night ahead. Put on an amazing outfit with lingerie underneath or whatever makes you comfortable ladies.

Once I have arrived and seated getting to know each other over a champagne  / non alcoholic drink is a great way to ease into the night. (please hand me the envelope discreetly)

I will excuse myself to freshen up in the bathroom where I will slip into some sexy lingerie or the outfit you both requested.

The rest is *lips sealed*  I will take the lead or be lead by both of you and this will be a night we will all never forget


Good hygiene is very important when seeing me. If you prefer to be groomed the day prior is best to prevent any skin abrasions or shaving rash that may occur.
Ensure your mouth is fresh upon my arrival by using mints.

Using Femwash which is a type of intimate body wash prior can help thoughily clean your areas to ensure your clean without causing 

Lastly every woman loves when a man smells of beautiful cologne especially me,  adds that extra touch to our date together. I equally love women with good perfume.

Note: All services are not guaranteed if poor hygiene or imperfections in the skin are in sight, this is at my 

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